Sunday, November 30, 2008

Max and Atticus have been great with Emmett! Max says, "I like you Emmett" all the time. And Atticus says, "Baby please"-which means he wants to hold Emmett. It is so cute.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Chris Kringle?

I knew this would happen one day...Max found all his Christmas presents in my closest. He came running up to me yelling for me to come see all the new cars. As I followed him to my room, I realized what he had found. I explained to him that these were for Christmas and we couldn't open them until Christmas comes. I told him that Christmas was coming soon. So, he ran over to the window and said he was "looking for Christmas". Hilarious! I guess I should have been a little more careful with my wording. He looks for Christmas all the time because he knows Christmas is coming soon. He has now even shortened it to Chris. The other day he told me that Chris wasn't here yet because he was at work. Then, Chris got an "owie" and that was why he wasn't here yet. Then the UPS guy rang the doorbell and Max ran to it yelling that Chris was here. Poor guy. We pray for all the new toys in the closet every night, and often go and check on them because they are crying.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A few more pics . . .

More Pics . . .

Emmett Mather Taylor born at 12:10 am on November 20, 2008. He weighs 7lbs 10 ounces & is 19.5 inches long.

Emmett is named after his Great-Great-Great-Grandfather "Emmett Ragland" and his GGGGGGG-Grandfather "Cotton Mather"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Almost there . . .

8 cm . . . we're almost there!

Nothing new. Big contractions. Will be checked again soon for dilation.

Hittin' the oxygen bar!

My heart rate got up to a lovely 140, so I got to hit the oxygen bar. The pitocin has been increased. We will know more at 9:00 mst.

Lovin' the Epidural!

The Doctor broke my water, but I'm still at 5 cm. So they are going to start some pitocin.

Lookin' Good

After feeling like I had some kind of a virus all day, I finally decided to call my doctor around 3:00 just to make sure everything was okay. I went in and I was 5 cm dilated, so they sent me over to the hospital. I got my epidural and now we're just waiting. More updates to come.

Monday, November 17, 2008

3 1/2 cm and...

no baby yet. My due date is Wednesday, and I'm on the induction wait list for the rest of the week. So, hopefully any day...
A few of Max's favorite things:
Buzz RightHere (AKA Buzz Lightyear)
Lightning The Queen (AKA Lightning McQueen)
Eleven (AKA Aladdin)
the Alphabet-
(Max loves his letters so much that we had to thank God for each and every one the other night. It sounded just like this, "Thank you for my A. Thank you for my B. Thank you for my C", etc.)

Happy Halloween!

Buzz and Woody

Happy Fall!