Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Atticus says several words now such as mom, dad, car, ball, all done, and no no. However, he says 2 full sentences and it is hilarious. One is "There he is", and the other is...
"I got it!"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Posse

This is the Posse. From left to right, Buzz, Woody, Pilot, Tyrone, & Pablo. These people go EVERYWHERE with Max. In this picture, he has them watching Dad mow the grass. I can't remember if I've posted about the Posse before, but the story continues.
The Posse has grown in number from its original size (as seen in the top picture). It now overflows out of the yellow box. It has the originals plus cars, balls, and most importantly...letters and numbers! Don't worry, if one of the 106 letters happens to fall out, Max will let you know! Now the box-instead of just the Posse-goes EVERYWHERE. There are usually toys falling out of it because it is so full, but the box goes to bed with Max, downstairs with Max, to the basement with Max and even out to the sandbox. Never ever try to sneak a few toys out of the box to make it lighter for you to carry from floor to floor (of course, he's not going to carry it)...the kid will know!

Random Pictures

It is so hard to get a good picture of Max these days. He doesn't want to stop what he's doing to smile for the camera, so I was excited to get this shot.Atticus LOVES playing on the stairs.

"We're having another Atticus?"
Max loves his cowboy hat. It must be a size 5T because I don't know how he can still fit in on his head.
boots and underwear
I love this picture-even though there is a little chocolate on his face.
Atticus' favorite toy to walk behind.
He hit himself in the head with this hammer right after I took the picture.
Atticus, on the other hand, will stop and pose for a picture anytime!


Atticus started walking 2 days after his birthday. We were playing upstairs, and I walked in his room and he was walking across it. It was crazy.
After a couple of weeks, he left the crawling behind. Surprisingly, Max loves that Atticus is walking now!

Max's room is still the best room in house in Atticus' opinion. He loves it when Max isn't in there, and he gets the green chair all to himself!

The boy's favorite thing to do these days.

Max and Atticus get their pushing toys and chase each other around the room. It is really cute. Max has been so sweet to Atticus lately. We were playing outside yesterday, and Max even went up to Atticus and pulled a leaf off of the back of his diaper for him. Too sweet. When they go to the basement, Max goes and finds the lawn mower (Atticus' favorite toy), and brings it to him so they can start chasing each other.

A little late.

Atticus turned 1 last month.
He loved his cake, but he had an ear infection, so he wasn't too cheerful. The ear infection was a first for us, and after all the sleepless nights, I hope it was the last.

He had cake all over his face. We cleaned him up, but forgot about the nostrils.
He does have some crazy hair.
A little family picture.
Atticus loved opening his presents, but
it was his party, so he could cry if he wanted too.

What you see here is a 1 year old that is 6th% on weight, 25% on height, and (big shocker) 90% on head. Yes, my kids have an excessive amount brains-at least that's what I'm hoping is making their heads so big!