Friday, March 16, 2018


The day Emmett accidentally wore Greer's skinny jeans. 😂😂

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Atticus, the tether ball champion of 4th Grade!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sunday, February 11, 2018

100th day of school...this will be Greer when she is 100. 😂

Watching a plane fly over -wishing he could be out there barking at it. But I just let him out and I really don't want to get up again.

Happy Birthday to the kindest, most patient, thoughtful human being!

3rd grade store! Emmett made "Rockimals". He painted and decorated rocks and sold them for $1 each. Real money this year-that went to his chosen charity, Hawk Quest. His good friend did rocks too and they had so much fun! I didn't know they were making the same product-which I should have since they sit by each other and like the same things, but Emmett assured me that they were "competitors".

Crazy Hair/Hat day! Was a little disappointing for Atticus:(. We tried and tried to get his hair in a spiked Mohawk, but we just couldn't get it. We got up early and worked on it for an hour and a half. We finally had to send him to the shower to wash out all of the mousse and hairspray and then just put on a wig. But he still looked awesome! Max made a Five nights at Freddy's Top Hat.

A lumberjack and a biker:)

Famous person day. Emmett from the LEGO Movie, Alan Grant from Jurassic Park, Payton Manning, and Atticus Finch! Max did his whole get-up by himself. We didn't even know he was dressing up. Love it!

Pinewood Derby!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

One year ago and then today. In the Type 1 Diabetes world, they call today Atticus's diaversary. The day he was diagnosed with T1D. It was easily the worst day of my entire life. So scary and so so overwhelming. I cried for days and couldn't image how in the world we'd be able to handle all of this. But God is faithful. He has gone before us every step of the way and given us the grace and strength each day we so desperately need. I can't thank everyone enough for all the prayers and support you all have given us. We have learned a whole new language including: bolus and basal and BG and CGM and PDM and DKA and extended bolus and temp basal and A1C and pod and lancet and cannula and glucagon...words that are a part of our daily life now. The most common question is "Atticus, what are you?" In other words, what is your blood sugar level right now. We have been so blessed to have insurance that allows Atticus to have an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor, or CGM. His CGM and pump stay on him 24/7. They are both waterproof and tubeless. Thanks to the pump, he doesn't have to give himself shots anymore. He can see his blood sugar 24/7 on his phone and his watch and we can too. We have alarms that will go off if he is too high or low. Ahhhh, that has brought sleep back to us again! No more waking all night to check him. Sorry for the long post...if you are still reading this...thank you for all you have done. We have gained more family from our wonderful, supportive School to our T1D Family and all of you. They still don't know what causes T1D. Type 1 is not caused from eating too much sugar, in fact they think it might be a virus that triggers it. And we have no family history of it either. We think Atticus has been fighting diabetes for a long time. We thought he had the flu and an ear infection. We took him in to the doctor for a prescription for the ear infection. At the last minute, we asked the doctor to check his sugars to make sure nothing else was going on. 5 years earlier he had been so sick and throwing up so much we ended up in the ER. His glucose was 40...critically low. Even then his pancreas wasn't working properly. I never expected them to come back and say his glucose was over 600. It should have been 100. They took him to Children's Hospital in an ambulance. All this to say, a simple urine check or a fingerprick can save a life. If in doubt, ask for one.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Her window is slowly teeth coming in.

Atticus a year ago today and Atticus today. A year ago-his body was wasting away...literally dying without insulin. And now, today, full of insulin and looking so healthy!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I found these funny phrases that I had written down a long time ago. Famous Max IV phrases he said as a toddler:
I amn't
braveless and fearless
i don't matter (instead of "it doesn't matter")
Beat my dust
I'll never believe this (instead of "you'll never believe this")
Freezing hot
You can hide but you can't run
First one there gets a rotten egg
Croove for crew and groove for drew
I had a girlfriend in kindergarten but then I lost her in 1st grade.

Atticus= encourager so sometimes all he can say is-mom, your my mom
Atticus wants to give juju a necklace with a button for Xmas (life alert)