Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Twins

Happy New Year!

Max went to a friend's for a New Year's Eve party at his house.  We really missed wasn't the same without him:(  What a wonderful year we have had, though!  Closing it out with some cookies and watching fireworks spread across the whole Front Range from our home. Love our family!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Singers with no fear!

On the airplane, headed to MS for Christmas, the stewardess said anyone who would come up to the front of the airplane and sing a Christmas carol into the microphone, would get a prize.  Atticus raised his hand so fast...his dad tried to stop him-thinking Atticus must be afraid because he would be-but Atticus went right up front and sang a beautiful rendition of jingle bells.  Greer saw his prize, and she raised her hand and went right up front too.  Amazing!  No fear!
I just heard Max IV tell his siblings: "P. S. Never drink anything that comes out of your body. "

Friday, December 11, 2015

16 years and it's still beautiful! I could not have asked for a more amazing 16 years! Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Kids are in bed and I just heard Atticus yell, "Hey! Who wants to hear me cut the cheese?"

Monday, December 07, 2015

We had a Godzilla birthday at home (in the cold, with gloves on because our furnace was-and still is-out), ate at his choice-Outback, went to see The Good Dinosaur and finished off the day with cake. What a great day!

Max is 10! It's hard to believe he's out of the single digits:(. Max is such a kind, funny, cute happy-go-lucky boy. He loves science and animals. He's never bored and makes everything he does seem like it is the most fun thing on earth. He is responsible and organized and loves Jesus. He's an amazing big brother, can recite hundreds of science facts without even thinking, loves Animal Planet and Nat Geo. He can sit down an build a big Lego set for 8 hours without stopping. He's driven and happy with a great attitude and memory. He's our first born-our only child for 17 months. He had a loud awesome laugh that makes everyone want to know what is funny. He's an extrovert with a million friends and loves to have them over all the time. He is so smart. We love him so much. He told us he doesn't believe in Santa anymore but he knows he MUST have at least one drop of animal blood in him. We told him he's grown so much. He told us he's changed so much and has become an animal...lover. ❤️ him. So thankful for the years God has let us borrow Max. He is such a blessing.