Monday, September 23, 2013

Greer fell asleep before I could tuck her in, but I see she managed to tuck herself in and her baby anyway:)

Max is working late tonight, so I forgot about the Broncos game tonight....until...Max IV looked out the window at dinner at screamed, "The stadium lights are on! The Broncos are playing!" Can you see the lights in the picture?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Backyard Before and After: This is what we did all summer . . .

 South East Corner



North West Corner
South West Corner



Before. This is the day after we closed-October 2012
After.  Almost one year later.  You can see the front door and some green grass!  The lighting must be off in the first picture because we haven't painted it. 
They are going to break all their bones! Atticus loves it! He's trying to jump as high as he can each time.

Bike track

Oh my! I thought they were going to die!

Max preached again at church today

Link coming soon...

Christ Came to Save Sinners! on Vimeo

When the pastor is out of town, someone's gotta preach. Click on the link to watch and listen to Max as he filled the pulpit a couple of months ago.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bike race!

Max took max & Atticus on their first bike race event. The wacky ride-6 miles. It was this morning. 1/4 mile in, max-the kid-wrecked and Atticus kept riding. So max helped max and lost Atticus in the process. Max called me at church in total panic cause he couldn't find Atticus. I left church & went. Right when I got there, max and max crossed the finish line where Atticus had been sitting and waiting for quite awhile. So max did the race in complete panic while Atticus did the whole race alone.
Atticus was sooo proud of himself for beating his brother & his dad.
He said a police officer asked him if he was Atticus & told him to just sit there. Yep-we had the race workers looking for him!

A little evening bike riding:)

Saturday, September 14, 2013