Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Happy Birthday, Cooper! Even though it is your birthday, you still can't take my cone!

The Fort

We have some big times on the fort!
Max set up the table and decided he was hungry. So, he got some rocks for chicken nuggets and a shovel for a fork as well as a drink with "fresh ice" that consisted of tiny rocks. He was quite proud of himself!

Atticus could do this all day.
This past weekend we went to see some friends who moved. They went to our church here, and now he is pastoring Highlands Reformed Presbyterian Church in Nebraska. We had a great time! The boys LOVED all the miles and miles of land to run around on. When it was time to leave, Max went and sat under a tree and said, "Can't go home. Need stay."

We are way excited about all the pumpkins everywhere!

Big Mountains

Max now has the best view in the house, and he loves it! We talk about the "big mountains" all the time. That is where Sulley and the dinosaurs go every night...behind the big mountains. One afternoon Max ran out of his room, lip quivering, saying, "big mountains gone!" He was trying so hard not to cry. I explained to him that it was just rain clouds coming in and covering the mountains.