Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Trying to take a picture of both kids is getting harder every day. Mostly because Max prefers to have the camera all to himself.
This is the "don't touch me" face.
Atticus usually ignores that request.
This is Max saying, "All done!"

Fall Festival at Church

As you can see, Max is the cowboy and Atticus is the cow.

Max found this soccer ball and was about to try to throw it into the basketball goal that was directly over the dessert table...but we did stop him in time.
He was LOVING all the basketballs. Being the typical ball hoarder that he is...he would hold the ball until he saw another one loose, and then he would drop his ball to go claim the free one.

Fall Fun-or not so

Since Max has come so far in the past 12 months (now he actually likes the leaves), I thought a picture of the boys in the leaves would be so cute. As you can tell from his expression, he is saying, "You want to take a PICTURE of me sitting in the leaves...no thanks!"
"And Atticus has to sit in my lap...no thanks!"
"Atticus laying in the leaves...ahh, much better."
"In fact, I think I'll have a little fun with this situation."

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Max loves to answer the phone. We usually end up racing to the phone when it rings so that I can answer it before he picks it up....except for the call that came in on Friday. I saw that it was a telemarketer calling, so I watched Max run to our bedroom to answer the phone and decided not to stop him this time. Perhaps the telemarketer would take our number off their list after a few minutes of talking to Max. After about 15 seconds, I heard him start screaming. The poor guy climbed up on our bed to answer the phone and decided to go ahead and grab the super attractive and appealing bright light bulb on the lamp that had been on all day. He burned his finger! It appears to be only a 2nd degree burn, but at our follow-up visit tomorrow, we'll know for sure. The worst part of all is that no matter how hard we try to work the bandage around his thumb-he still can't quite get the thumb in his mouth...which is making for some long nights for him. Poor guy. It is so sad, but at least it is just one finger. It could be worse-two whole hands like his friend Cooper. Now, I really felt bad for him, and thank goodness, his hands are all healed now.

Bath time

The boys always get a little extra water when dad gives them a bath.

Atticus started rice cereal.

By the 3rd day, he loved it.

Look who found his thumb!

Supporting a couple of our favorite teams...

and both teams are doing pretty good!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The last 8 days

Traveling on a 4 hour airplane flight with two little boys, two car seats, one suitcase weighing 49.5 pounds (half a pound shy of having to pay the $50.00 over-limit fee), one carry-on, one double stroller and NO HUSBAND........very exhausting.Getting to see TONS of family....making the trip seem a little more worth it.

Taking the boys to see the ocean for the first time.....pretty awesome.
Coming home to a beautiful finished (by my husband) basement......TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Before and After Basement Pictures

Before we even bought the house, and after all the hard work!