Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Sandbox

I love to play in my new sandbox, but I have to have on my "sandbox shoes" because I'm not too comfortable letting my feet actually touch the sand.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007 month later...

So sorry it has been so long since I posted. We have had quite a bit going on...
We decided to have the loft closed in to make another bedroom. Here are the before pictures:

during construction banister anymore.

framing and insullation

dry wall

scaffolding that took up our entire living room...and we thought we could do all of this ourselves
All we had to do was paint.
the finished product...
a new guest you can all come visit!

Max got moved to a "big boy bed" and a new room! He loved it from the beginning, although he doesn't look like it in this picture. We left the toddler bed in his new room for a few days, and he picked sleeping in the big bed over the toddler we took the toddler bed out.
He does have to climb 2 steps to get in and out of the bed, but he does the steps really well.
With the new room, came some new toys such as this ball pit. The ball pit was quite a success. One night, we did find him asleep halfway in the pit and halfway out. He loves to throw the balls in and out of his bed...but he only does it by color. He has to put all the purple balls in first, then the yellow, etc. We might have a bit of OCD?!

Papa and JuJu came to visit.
Max got his first haircut! As you can tell from this picture, he needed one. He actually had some really cute curls, but they showed up only when his hair was clean, and, unfortunately, his hair has food in it more often than it is clean.
He was a little squirmy, but he did pretty good.

It snowed here on Easter, so Max didn't get to wear his Easter outfit until the next Sunday, but he loved his Easter basket. He went from pulling out each piece of grass one at a time to throwing the grass all over himself and the room.
Max's Easter outfit.
We finally found some sunglasses Max will wear. Now, he wears them all the time...inside the house, inside the store, in the car...everywhere.

Watch out, Ladies!