Friday, February 23, 2007

"Where's Max?"

This is my new favorite game...peek-a-boo...even though I am usually peeking through my fingers. I love this game so much, that if you ask me "Where's Max's ball?" (or any other question that starts with "Where's Max's"), I immediately cover my eyes. Apparently, I don't here the last word of that question. All I hear is, "Where's Max?"

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I got to play outside yesterday for the first time since I learned to walk. I was quite amazed at what it is like to walk around outside. I saw every single airplane in the sky and made the airplane sound ("zzzzzzzzzzz") each time I saw an airplane. I made the car sound every time a car went by, and barked like a dog every time any dog in the neighborhood made a noise. It was quite exciting. Yes, the snow in our front yard is still the snow from the pre-Christmas blizzard. It just might not ever go away!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sad, but true...

Our baby is growing up! We were not quite ready for the toddler bed, but apparently Max IV was. Our plan was to move him to a toddler bed or single bed the first of May, and we were pretty nervous he wouldn't be ready. So, after 2 days of fit-throwing every time we tried to put him in his crib, we came up with an idea...bring out the toddler bed and try to put him in that! That should teach him...he thought he didn't want the crib so we were sure he would throw such a fit over the toddler bed that he would gladly get back in the crib. Well, we were wrong...kind of. We got out the toddler bed, put him in it, said goodnight, and walked out. We heard crying, no playing...just heavy breathing. Yes, he had gone right to sleep in his new toddler bed. But it's not over. Nope. After about an hour, we thought we heard a noise. So, Max went to check on him, and he was asleep on the floor right next to the door. So, Max moved him back into his bed and it was over! He realized he could get in and out of this bed too easily. (Which was a bit of a shock to us since everytime we had shown him the toddler bed, he always acted like he couldn't get in that bed on his own.) So, as we continuously went to peek in on him, we watched him play and play and play until 3 am. If you have ever had a hard time sleeping at night, here are some things you can do: 1. find a ball and roll it from one end of your bed to the other-while walking around your bed to roll it, or 2. throw everything in your room onto your bed-then get in your bed and throw everything back off the bed, or 3. pull your window shade out so you can see what goes on outside at 2 in the morning, or 4. take your covers off your bed, then put them back on again. You see, there are so many things to do in the middle of the night, I don't know how anyone could try to sleep. Finally, things died down and Max IV slept on the floor by the door until 6 am. So, the next day, completely exhausted, we are faced with the dilemma of toddler bed or crib. We decide to try one more night with the toddler bed, and amazingly he slept 13 his bed...without getting out! How do we know this? After one night of not sleeping and constantly peeking in on him (which just excited him more each time he heard the door open), we went and purchased a video monitor. We watched him on our little soon as we put him to bed and left the room, he threw his dog and blanket on the floor, got out of the bed and threw them back in the bed. Then he got back in the bed himself and went to sleep. We slept good, he slept good, and there is no going back. He took a great nap in his bed today (again, yes, I watched him on the monitor-it's actually very entertaining). So bye bye crib.

This is Max playing with his dog (stuffed animal, of course-wouldn't have a real one), in the middle of the room. See how much fun this video monitor can be?

Sometimes I like to play IN my toy box!

Dad's Birthday

We celebrated Dad's birthday this weekend, and I enjoyed some of his chocolate cake and participated by wearing my own birthday bib.
I tried on Dad's new snow boots--boots he could have used the past 2 months!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I love to read...even if the book is upside down.