Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trip and Cooper come to play

Mom to Max: Guess who's coming over to play with you?
Max to Mom: Jesus?!
*Take notice of Atticus' wild and crazy hair...he got his first haircut:(

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Max's new room!

Upon coming to the conclusion that it might not work so well to have Max & Atticus sharing a room quite yet, we decided to move Max into the guest bedroom and Atticus into Max's old room. I was really worried that Max wouldn't want to move to a new room, so we really tried to make it a room he would love. When we were finishing the closet, I kept asking him if he wanted this to be his room. He kept telling me, "No, too big." I'm not sure what he meant by that seeing as his old room is much bigger.We got the room all finished and took him in for the grand presentation. He loved it! He pointed proudly to his Buzz and Woody poster and shouted, "Look at this!" When he went to bed that night he thanked God for "all these letters" as he pointed to the alphabet above his window. It was so cute.

We have had a few drawbacks. His first 2 nights in the new room, there were bad thunderstorms, and he kept saying, "I not scared. I not scared of thunder." He still loves his room, but he has had a sudden burst of nightmares. One night he ran in our room screaming that the dinosaur was "roaring" outside his window. I think it might have been the neighbor's dog? He is closer to the neighbor's house now and can probably hear the dog at night. He was inconsolable until Dad thought of the brilliant suggestion that the dinosaur had gone to his own house for night-night. That seemed to do the trick. Poor guy. Last night he ran out of his room screaming that Sulley from the Disney movie "Monsters, Inc." was sitting on his bookshelf. After we took all the stuffed animals down and examined the bookshelf, he felt better. He still tells us regularly that he is "not scared", and he does sleep with a flashlight-in the midst of all the other toys on his big double bed.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

New Closet

Before Amy & Vinnie came, before we went South, and before cousin Maddie came, we had someone frame out a closet for us in the guest bedroom (what used to be the loft).
So, in between all that craziness, we worked on the closet.
We finally got it all finished, including the "oh so fancy" built in bookshelves on the outside. This is now Max IV's new room.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I almost forgot about Vacation Bible School. In the middle of all the chaos, we had VBS. I had to go in and remove Max from Sunday School the Sunday before VBS because he would not quit stealing another little girl's Bible. So, we decided it must be time for him to take his own Bible.
He insisted on wearing his monkey backpack to VBS which has only a small pocket to carry things. The only Bible that would fit in it, was a green Gideon's Bible with New Testament, Psalms, & Proverbs only. (Too bad VBS was about the Old Testament.) Here he sits "reading" his precious little green half-Bible.
The boys love to run around in their towels after bathtime.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Cousin Maddie came for a visit!

How sweet is Max being to Maddie in this picture!
We partied hard with cousin Maddie. We went to the Children's Museum, movie in the park "A Bee Movie", a local brewery, and the local fountain to play in the pool. It appears Uncle Brandon is ready to catch Atticus at any moment, and it's a good thing because Atticus fell in right after the picture.
Notice the wet, sad face.

Friday, August 01, 2008

We headed South for a visit with family.

We always have to have the bathtub shot of the cousins...
along with a shot of the buckets on the heads.

Our friends, the Baileys, stopped by for a few days, too.
the whole family

Max & Pierson's favorite place on the boat.
Aunt Lynda was just the comfort Max needed after his tubing experience.
This would be the tubing experience: Dad, Max IV, & Pierson.
Atticus tried to join in at the front of the boat. Unfortunately, Max didn't make a lot of room for him, and Max had to ALWAYS stand on the left side of Pierson on the boat.