Thursday, July 31, 2008

We had a wonderful time with 2 of my oldest and closest friends that came in town, Amy & Vinnie. I'm sure you can tell which kids are theirs in the picture (mine are the 2 that glow in the dark). We went to the zoo and then had a little bar-b-q. It was so great to catch up with them. I had not seen Amy since their wedding 8 years ago!
I think I have known them since 1988? I'm not sure. I found a few older pictures than the one below, but I really liked this one that had all 3 of us in it. I'm sure you can pick us out and see that we haven't changed a bit!

Friday, July 25, 2008

There's a little Stevie in all of us. Atticus spotted these sunglasses hanging up and screamed until I put them on. He then wore them for HOURS!How about that sunset?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

a recent family photo
Buzz, Woody, and Slinky Dog do everything humans do. For instance, right after Max returned from helping Slinky Dog go potty, Slinky Dog needed something to eat and drink. Then they all went to sleep in Max's old toddler bed in the basement.
Max loves to help mow the much so, that even if Dad starts before Max is ready, he'll just head on out in his boxers and boots.
Atticus likes to bring to me one sock or one shoe to put on him, and then he wears it the rest of the day. But first, he goes and stands by the door waiting to go somewhere. Apparently, we only wear shoes when we're leaving the house.

4th of July

We had a great Fourth of July! We started off the day with a little bike ride, and as you can see, Buzz, Woody, and Slinky Dog had to come along.

Look close...Woody is peeking out.
Then Atticus got his long awaited turn.
Don't even try to look close. He was too small to even have a little head pop up in the window.
Then we went to the backyard for some pool fun.

We started off with a few toys in the pool.

Everyone went down the slide.
Max began to put balls in the pool.
Even though Atticus didn't mind, we did have to put a ball limit on Max.
Then we headed out the backyard and across the street to the park. We saw several great fireworks shows. Both the boys LOVED it! Our neighbors continued the fireworks into the night, and that was quite entertaining for Max. The next night, he asked us to, "pay pop pop". That meant to pray for more fireworks. So, we prayed, but told him they were all gone. BUT, of course, our neighbors did continue the celebration after all. About 10 that night, he came running into our room yelling, "Pop Pop!" I think he saw that as an answered prayer.
Since Max requests total privacy when going potty, Atticus is not allowed in the bathroom. Atticus hates this and usually stands at the door crying until Max comes out. Since we don't have a bathroom in the basement, Max has to use the "portable potty". Atticus was thrilled to see one he could sit on! Max kept saying, "Atticus, pants off." It really bothered Max that Atticus was sitting on the potty with his diaper still on.


After some crying and pointing, we realized Atticus wanted Max's spoon. So, we gave it to him, and he actually did great!