Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm holding my head up pretty good.
I just can't get enough pictures of this cute little dimple.
I found my feet!
Today, I wanted to wear Dad's hat for our outing to the store.
Oh the fun we have waiting on mom to finish posting pictures on the blog.
Look close...someone has ANOTHER black eye.

If Atticus could talk, we would hear, "my hero".
I'm cross-eyed.
No I'm not!
Atticus had his first experience in the exersaucer, and he loves it! Max doesn't know what to do with Atticus in it, so he usually just runs around it and then gets in it himself when we take Atticus out. Atticus LOVES LOVES LOVES for Max to look at him. So, he just stares up at Max (with all this love in his eyes) while Max runs in circles around the exersaucer.

Notice the background...we are almost finished with the basement.
Someone asked me where Atticus' open-mouth smile came from. Well, I am happy to say that apparently I HAVE contributed something to my 2 kids that look just like their dad!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Max loves to get in Atticus's crib and point to the letters above it. Although, he only has the "t" and the "a" down, he still likes to point to the other letters and pretend like he is saying the correct letter.

Atticus smiles ALL the time these days.